About Us

  • Located one block south from the Departure Bay ferry terminal.

  • Our vessels are moored at the Stones Marina and RV.

  • Nanaimo is my home base for over 35 years.

  • We can trailer both boats to anywhere on the southern Vancouver island. 

  • Our vessels can carry up to ten people.



Our 27 '6" Bayliner Victoria "FourWynds". I've upgraded most of the boat over the years. It is a very stable and comfortable vessel. 

Captain Al

I'm a hands on Skipper, with 45 years fishing experience.  I started serious deep ocean fishing at 14 years old. I spent years in Barclay Sound & Port Alberni canel. I caught some beautiful wild Spring and Coho Salmon. Huge Lingcod and Red Snapper. I gave lots of fish to my friends & neighbors. It built my reputation. It made me appreciate fishing as an awesome food source and exciting sport. I enjoy fishing so much I decided to become a charter guide. I fished in fresh water lakes and rivers all over the province of BC. The best part of fishing is the food value of seafood, and the health benefits from eating it. Over the years I've made good friends, teaching them how I fish. I have the confidence to guarantee, my guests will catch fish!

I take time to explain how the safety features onboard our vessels work. Further how the equipment serves to protect them. My guests relax in knowing they are in good hands. I keep our vessel's clean, safe and secure. Up to date with Canadian coast guard standards. Both our boats are very stable, safe, and comfortable.


We are commercial insured. Our crew members have all the legal operating credentials. Marine Masters Limited, PCOC,SVOP,ROC M, MED3, Marine first aid.